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Never Lose a Customer Again

Lumturo helps you create a seamless post sales service experience.

Experience Now

Make Your Customer Service Experience

Be available 24*7 at a click of the button. One click call logging for your product.
Highly secured device configurations on AWS cloud.
No more multiple calls to the contact center to provide product-specific information.
billion dollars
“Businesses lose $75 bn annually due to poor post sales service”

Lumturo enables your business

Reduce service revenue leakages
Drive customer loyalty beyond the purchase
Use CX as a key differentiator

Lumturo allows you to redefine customer service experience from initiation to closure.

Simplified management
One cloud dashboard to create and manage the entire system
Consumer engagement
Engage consumers with post sales referral programs & offers
Sell extended warranty & AMC
Increase revenue with one click & assisted extended warranty and AMC sales
Data visualization
Data visualization for performance enhancement.
Service management
Intelligent routing of service request for automated service request call allocation
ERP connect
Connect with your ERP for the end to end automation

What’s NEW?

Protect your customers against unauthorised access

Lumturo directly connect you and your customers via product QR tags preventing unauthorised service access.

Sell more AMC and extended warranty contract

We assist your customers to buy AMC and extended warranty contracts directly from you.

Unmatched convenience for your customers.

You are now at a click away for your customers. No app downloads. Hassle free & seamless

Customer data and analytics

Deep dive insights on your customer behaviour post purchase.

Self service

Quick self-service allows you to provide online support to your customers without requiring any interaction with a representative from your company.

Guide to customer service transformation


Manufacturer expect customers to maintain product and purchase details
Multiple channel communication with customer providing same information repeatedly
Delays in call logging due to insufficient information or unavailability of contact centre


Pre-programed product and customer Information to make call logging seamless
Reduce pilferage & unauthorised access by directly connecting to the customer
Proactive notification to keep customer informed on periodic services, damage request & service contract renewals
Timely customer feedback and review

Working with

Optimize your business to increase
post sales service revenue.
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